Max Scherzer on the mound for Tigers

Pagan strikes out

Scutaro pops up to center, it’s caught by Tigers’ Jackson

Sandoval strikes out

Jackson first up for the Tigers to face Giants pitcher Matt Cain

Scutaro scoops up Jackson’s hit and he’s out

Berry’s ball to far right is called foul, it looks like it was only by inches

Scutaro catches Berry’s ball again

Cabrera up with 2 men out, he’s walked by Cain

Prince strikes out

No score.


Buster Posey strikes out

Pence hits one to far left center for a double

Belt slams one to right field for a triple, Pence scores

Giants now lead 1-0

Blanco grounds one that is caught by Tigers’ Infante

Theriot fly ball into right center, is caught

Tigers now head to the plate, first up is Delmon Young

Young gets base hit

Dirks hits one to center field, it’s caught

Peralta’s hit goes straight up the infield and is caught

Infante up with two men out and 1 on base – grounder to Crawford.

Score: Giants lead 1-0.