Crawford first up for the Giants

It looks close, but Crawford singles

Pagan hits one into deep right center but Dirks hustles to catch it

Scutaro hits one to center, it’s taken care of by Jackson

Sandoval up with two out, base hit to the right that moves Crawford to third

Posey is the third man out for Giants

Laird is in for Avila, he hits ground ball to Scutaro

Jackson is walked, the second allowed by Cain so far

Berry bunts and is thrown out but Jackson makes it to second

Cabrera homers to give Tigers 2-1 lead


Max Scherzer gets his fourth strikeout of the night courtesy of the Giants’ Pence

Belt is walked

Jeff Jones goes out to talk to Scherzer, conversation ends with a laugh

Scherzer strikes out Blanco and Belt is thrown out at second to end top half of the inning.

Young up for Tigers, strikes out

Dirks grounder to right, is out

Peralta strikes out

Score: 2-1 Tigers


Theriot first up for Giants and gives Scherzer his sixth strike out of the night

Crawford pops one up that is caught by Peralta.

It’s started to get wet at the ballpark – misty

Pagan bounces to infield and is out

Infante leads off the bottom of inning for Tigers, gets base hit into center field