Tigers' Matt Tuiasosopo and family living baseball dream

1st-year Detroit Tigers outfielder enjoying trip to postseason

Published On: Dec 24 2013 09:23:13 AM EST   Updated On: Oct 01 2013 07:51:19 PM EDT

A very good year is getting even better for Detroit Tigers outfielder Matt Tuiasosopo and his family.  Tuiasosopo is looking forward to the start of postseason play.

While Matt has enjoyed a good season on the field with the Tigers, wife Abi Owings Tuiasosopo is enjoying it, too, because she knows the life of a baseball player can change very quickly.

"You can get traded in a day, things can change in a minute. Ups, downs, but I think I've really tried to look at it as an adventure," Abi said.

Abi Owings Tuiasosopo added that the stability of being with a winning team throughout the season is something she does not take for granted.

"We've been in the same apartment for almost six months, you know like, wow, you could almost put a picture on the wall, but not really. It's fun. It's like hey, so this is home," Abi said.

The baseball life that Abi Owings Tuiasosopo shares with her husband is made even better because of their seven-month-old son, Josiah.

Abi says they can enjoy each day as it comes and not look too much farther down the road.

"You win today and the day is going to be fun and full of what we can choose and what we can control. And then tomorrow is just going to take care of itself and I really do believe that," Abi said.

Matt Tuiasosopo leaves Wednesday for the first start of the postseason.