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Bernie's Bloopers

Bernie's Blooper: Pure Joy

A sixth grader had the weight of the world (or at least of his school) on his shoulders with this free throw attempt.

Bernie's Bloopers: 'I'm sure glad I ate my veggies'

This is a lesson Bernie is glad to have learned from his mom: "I'm sure glad I ate my vegetables like my mother told me."

Bernie saw it online so it must be true!

Bernie saw this online - so it MUST be true, right?

Bernie's 'One in a Gazillion'

How in the heck did that cat do that? In the words of Bernie Smilovitz the odds are "one in a gazillion!"

Bernie's bloopers: Keep your day job Lebron

Caution: This video may break the sound barrier. The Miami Heat may be champions of the NBA - but when it comes to singing, the champs need to stick to their day jobs.

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