Michigan took the ball all the way to State's 4 yard line. It was 2nd and goal. Michigan could not complete a couple passes to the end zone. They settled for a 21-yard field goal, which they made to take the lead.

Michigan State fumbled the ball at their own 10 yard line but recovered. They would get the first down on the next play. However, they had to punt on the next set of downs. But they faked it, successfully. The Spartans marched into Michigan territory with key passing plays. They had it at the Michigan 6 yard line for a first and goal opportunity. The Spartans had to settle for a field goal. Conroy made the 19-yard shot.

Michigan's Robinson finally broke free for a long run. Offensive penalties backed Michigan up to midfield. Michigan would have to punt on 4th and 22. Michigan State took over at their own 10 with 3:07 left in regulation.

Michigan State recovered a fumble, again. They would have to punt. Michigan took over at their own 38. Michigan used their final timeout with 18 seconds remainingand the ball on the MSU 43 yard line. State then took their 2nd timeout. Michigan was able to get it down to the 22 yard line where the spiked the ball. They made a 38-yard field goal for the win.

Score: Michigan 12, Michigan State 10