At the end of the day, it's the fans who've been forced to suffer through so much disappointment with this Lions team.

As the season started, there was so much hope. Local 4 talked to the Lions faithful Sunday night to see if they think Jim Schwartz deserves to keep his job.

The highlights are almost hard to watch.

Another loss this time to the Vikings and that my friends marks the end of another season we'd like to forget.

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"If you gotta fire him, you gotta fire him," said one fan.

"You can't put all the blame on the coach because a lot of things happen on the field that the coach is not in control of," said another fan.

This season, it seemed like all the pieces were in place. Calin did his thing, Reggie was moving and Big Joe was dancing. Then the team just fell apart and on this Sunday, football fans flocked into a Detroit bar watching all the other teams that will be moving on.

"I wish they had gone further. It would have been great for the city of Detroit," another fan said.

As for Schwartz, Local 4 is told his future may be decided during a meeting first thing Monday morning. Whatever happens, Lions fans will do what they've done for years: support the team and hope it finally happens, next year.