DeannaWhat are your short term goals?


-Maintain an under par scoring average

-Win multiple Symetra Tour events in 2013

-Win Symetra Tour money list

-Gain full status on LPGA Tour for 2014 season

-Play in the CN Canadian Women’s Open or Manulife Classic in 2013


Deanna: What is your favorite food?   Of course, I have to bring the food element in.

Nicole: I have always been a lover of food, so it is really hard for me to narrow down what I would say my favorite food

would actually be. 

My favorite types of food are Italian, Mexican, and Thai. 

My favorite dishes are veal picatta, chicken fajitas, and Pad Thai. 


Deanna:How do you believe woman’s golf has changed?

Nicole: I think that women are more competitive and are driven to be the best. A big change in women’s golf and women’s athletics in general came when Title IX was introduced (equal funding for both men’s and women’s sports in college).  This was a huge deal for women’s athletics because it forced many schools to start up women’s sports teams.

This gave more women the opportunity to pursue their athletic career after high school and was instrumental in helping women’s athletics get to the point it is today. 

Deanna: What’s your day-to-day life like during the season?  How is it different during the off-season?

Nicole: During the season day-to-day life is pretty structured. 

The week starts by driving to the city where ever the tournament happens to be that week and check in with the host family I am staying with. The next couple days I am busy playing the golf course, getting used to the course conditions, and making final tune ups in my game.  There is usually a pro-am and dinner one night of the week as well. Once the tournament rounds come I trust the work I have put into my game and try to just go out there and play. 

When I am not in tournaments I spend most of my time at my home course working on my game. 

This could mean playing some competitive matches against my friends to simulate the pressures of tournament golf, or dropping a few balls in the trees to practice shot making, or keeping the driver in the bag to work on my longer irons and getting comfortable hitting my 3 wood and hybrid off the tee. 

When I do head to the practice range, I spend the most amount of time working on fundamentals like alignment, posture, and ball position. 

This fall has really been my “first true off season”, as previous years I was in school and never really had an “off season."

This past fall, I looked back at the year and spoke with my coach about what I struggled most with and what I need to improve on to come back as a more complete player.   After doing this review, I developed a game plan to follow.  I spent most of my time working on technique and mechanics with my coach and making the changes feel natural.  This means I spent most of my time practicing, and not a whole lot playing.