Williamsport, PA -

    The boys from Grosse Pointe lost their first game at the Little League World Series, 3-0 Friday. 

    It was a pitchers duel between Grosse Pointe Woods Shores Chad Lorkowski and California's Grant Holman.

    Lorkowski is 6-3 and 219 pounds, Holman is 6-foot-4, 166-pounds.

    Holman threw a no-hitter. He struck out 13 in seven innings, throwing the first extra-inning no-hitter in the LLWS since 1979

    Lorkowski threw one-hit ball through six innings and had 12 strikeouts, but exhausted his 85-pitch allotment.

    Patrick Archer had a two-run single in the top of the seventh for the California team.
   Chula Vista broke through against Grosse Pointe reliever Antonio Moceri in the seventh, with Micah Pietila-Wiggs driving in the third run with the fourth hit of the inning. 

   Grosse Pointe will play in an elimination game Saturday at 8 PM against an opponent TBD.