Jackson has been inconsistent on a game-by-game basis for the Tigers, but his overall performance has been solid nearly every season.

As the leadoff hitter in the ever-potent Tiger lineup, Jackson averaged almost 99 runs per season from 2010-2013. Though Granderson certainly demonstrated more power with the Yankees, Jackson gave Dombrowski what he needed at the top of an otherwise largely unathletic offense.

Austin Jackson steals third base agianst the Orioles on May 14

Jackson is much more talented in center field than Granderson, despite the scarcity of highlight catches. His elite ability to read fly balls and react helps Jackson reach flies in the spacious Comerica Park that few other outfielders can. He rarely leaves his feet to make a catch, not because he lacks big-play potential, but because he can cover ground more quickly.

Max Scherzer: 72-32, 3.56 ERA, 935 SO

Scherzer has clearly been the prized piece of this seven-player trade, improving his win total in Detroit each season until ultimately winning the Cy Young Award in 2013.

The Tigers placed Scherzer right next to Justin Verlander in the rotation after the trade and he has made more than 30 starts per season ever since. The 29-year-old caught Dombrowski's keen baseball eye in Arizona and has since morphed into one of the best pitchers in baseball.

Max Scherzer's 3rd attempt at his 20th win comes up short in Chicago

Did this trade improve the Tigers?

It was difficult for Detroit to watch Granderson become a 40-homer player in New York after the trade, but his regression in other aspects of the game made the power explosion much easier to swallow.

Though Schlereth is no longer a member of the Tigers' organization, Detroit clearly reaped the greatest long-term benefits from this trade. Granderson moved to the Yankees' cross-town rivals after four seasons, and Edwin Jackson has bounced all around the MLB. Ian Kennedy, who was sent from the Yankees to the Diamondbacks in the trade, was traded to the San Diego Padres last July.

Of the seven players included in this blockbuster trade, only three still play with the team they were traded to, all with the Tigers. Granderson's best days are clearly behind him, while Scherzer and Jackson are at the tops of their game. Without this brilliant move in 2009, the Tigers wouldn't have made three straight American League Championship Series appearances.

GMs around the country should be wary of a phone call from Dombrowski, as his trades almost always work out in favor of the Detroit Tigers.