To this day, it makes no sense why NFL teams are even allowed to rework a player's contract dollar-amount down to give the team more cap space so it can add free-agent players to its roster.

It's basically Hollywood accounting gone wild.

But nobody threw their arms up in disgust when Ahmad Bradshaw, Demetrius Bell, Chris Canty, Osi Umenyiora and Kyle Vanden Bosch -- just to name a few -- were released in the last few weeks.

Most weren't bounced not because they still aren't productive. It was simply because their ``cap'' number is too high.

The system isn't fair to players. It pushes guys with contracts out the door.

The onus shouldn't be on players to fix the phony NFL math.

The teams should have to do its business correct and not have the players being the ones to bail them out.

Thanks, Tom -- for nothing.