This revelation is bigger than just Jay-Z, trying to get a percentage of those mega-million dollar deals being signed all over Sports America.

It's more about African Americans having a chance to land some of the biggest and best athletes out there.

At one time, there weren't many black agents out there. Today, there are more. But there aren't any black super agents. Although still early, Jay-Z is on the way to being that.

It also signals that today's black athlete is looking different at the black agent. It's a vision of both power and pride between the two groups.

 Baseball's super agent Scott Boras. He's been involved in three of the four 200-plus million dollar deals in sports history. (Prince Fielder's $214 and Alex Rodriguez's $252 and $275)

The idea that Cano, who is in line for an eye-popping contract as he enters free agency this coming offseason, signed with Jay-Z is amazing. It's breaking down a barrier.

First of all, baseball owns 15 of the top 16 biggest contracts in the history of sports. Only Floyd Mayweather's $180-million deal with Showtime ranks on that list tied at No. 8.

Baseball doesn't have many black agents, none in on such a deal that could approach $200.

If Robinson gets the deal he deserves, it could open the floodgates for others to go another route come money time.