Cooper got off.

Sterling was caught saying on tape about black people. And how ironic, Sterling never used the N-word. Cooper did and was allowed to keep playing.

The players allowed a guy who had no issue using a degrading word in public despite a  league and locker room where more than 70% of the league is African American.

The NFL players union has also turned its head to the Washington Redskins flap over team's racist name.

It's not a Native American fight. It's a right, wrong fight.

The Washington name controversy could have been solved already.

You wouldn't need Native American groups to protest or picket outside stadiums around NFL America. You wouldn't need the NFL commissioner to step in use his ultimate power to get this name change to happen.

 All it would take is for all African American players on the team to stand together and demand it.

Yes, it's that simple.

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