Actually, it's pathetic, especially since NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has softened his stance, saying the league should listen to these concerns. NBC sportscaster Bob Costas took on the controversy on a national broadcast between Washington and Dallas.

"It's an insult, a slur," Costas said.

Even conservative newspaper columnist Charles Krauthammer, not big on political correctness, wrote it was offensive and should be changed.

But the lame NFL Player's Union hasn't said a word. So sad. That organization stands for nothing, never has.

Some might think it's not the black player's fight. But it is. The Civil Rights movement wasn't just about black people, either. And don't forget that more than just black people put their necks on the line for equality for all.

We wouldn't stand for a team that was called the Alabama Sambos. Heck, the restaurant, Sambo's, was forced to change its name.

Why should we accept Redskins when we know what it stands for. It's unacceptable.

The name is clearly offensive, not a sense of pride for Native Americans.