The crazy part is that managers who benefitted from these players -- Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa and Bobby Cox - all skated into the Hall of Fame by Veteran's Committee voters.

Maddux was a piece of cake with 355 wins. Maddux got 97.2 percent of vote from the writers. Glavine's 305 win-total was hard to argue. He got 91.9%. The Big Hurt smacked an impressive 521 homers. He got 83.7% percent of vote.

All the stars from the Steroid Era saw their vote total go down. Bonds saw his percentage of the HOF vote dropped to 34.7 percent. McGwire dropped to just 16.9%. Not a good sign. Sosa saw his percentage drop to a near-fatal level of 7.2 in his second year on ballot. Clemens' percentage dropped to 35.4 percent.

The BBWAA is kidding itself. The unwillingness to enshrine some of the greatest players we have witnessed will only hurt the Hall of Fame in the long run, make it ridiculous, irrelevant.

In reality, they are hurting the place they think they are protecting.