Worse, they don't want to lose to a second straight game against a good team at home. They can't afford another loss to Dallas after losing to Cincinnati the week before.

And Dallas (4-3) won't be a pushover. It's a big game for the Cowboys as well. The two teams have split the last 10 meetings.

At some point, the Lions have to start beating good teams if they are serious about getting respect as a real contender.

Lions' fans should want them to not only make the playoffs, but win a playoff game -- their first since 1991.

Stop Calling Favre

Stop it.

Stop calling Brett Favre.

There were the lowly St. Louis Rams calling Favre, the former QB, to see if he was interested in playing again after QB Sam Bradford was injured.

Forget that he's 44 and a grandfather now or that his last go-round wasn't exactly championship material.

Why can't peeps get over the ghost of Favre? Yes, he had some career with the Falcons, Packers, Jets and Vikings. But does he have to play on every team in the league.

There are other younger quarterbacks looking for an opportunity, including Vince Young and Tim Tebow.

Plus, if you're a Rams' player, you have to question why the organization would go the Favre route, especially since they aren't ready to win this year.