It shouldn't take you 15 years, the full length of your eligibility, to be voted in. You're numbers don't change after you retire, so how in the world could writers votes change over the years.

It makes no sense.

Either you're a Hall of Famer or you're not.

The first ballot, second ballot, third ballot stuff is dumb.

My way of voting is simple: If there's a debate about you being in the Hall of Fame, you AREN'T a Hall of Famer.

Go ahead. Debate me on Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ted Williams or even Tom Seaver.

You can't. There is no argument. Their careers weren't very good. They were great.

It's not the Hall of the Very Good. But that's where some voters have taken it.

The Steroid Era can't be ignored or treated as if it didn't happen. It did.

Check the record book. Bonds is the all-time home run hitter. He also won seven MVPs. Clemens won seven Cy Youngs.

A skinny McGwire still has the rookie record for home runs with 49. The same McGwire who once hit 32 HRs in 67 games in a single college season. Yes, he was a slugger long before he bulked up.

Some writers want to be judge and jury. They want to vote on suspicion, not based on facts.

It's not our job.