Looking for a way to watch your favorite Local 4 programming on the go? Introducing Dyle TV, the new television broadcast of your favorite local stations to your phone or tablet.

Elgato and Dyle mobile TV have launched a device using that delivers live television straight to iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices.

The new Elgato EyeTV Mobile TV tuner uses Dyle mobile TV's live broadcasting service from the Mobile Content Venture, using airwaves that are specifically reserved for television that do not require connecting to 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi hotspots.

What makes the device different?

Unlike livestream videos on the web, Dyle is over the air broadcast television, specifically geared to mobile devices. Elgato says an unlimited number of viewers can access the mobile television service all at once without buffering or streaming issues.

“We're thrilled to bring Dyle mobile TV to the iPad's beautiful screen,” said Markus Fest, CEO of Elgato. “Users will be able to enjoy a broad range of TV shows and events on-the-go without ever touching their data plans.”

How does it work?

The EyeTV Mobile accessory connects directly to a consumer's iOS dock connector.  The tuner receives ATSC-Mobile television signals via antenna while working with the free EyeTV Mobile app.

Some of the core benefits of Dyle mobile TV is that it will help you save money on data plans as no data plan is required, consumers can be entertained anytime and anywhere, viewers can stay informed with the latest local and national news, and that the service is real television in real time.

The mobile broadcast technology is also designed to work if others are moving around in the room, while watching in a car, or train.

How much does it cost? Where I can purchase one?

The EyeTV Mobile TV tuner costs $99.95 and is available to purchase at Elgato's website, Amazon, and other retail locations.

Best Buy says it will offer the device beginning this Friday, Nov. 23 for those looking for the perfect gift this holiday season.