Master control operation of multiple outlets, Statmon transmitter remote control, video server, satellite manipulation, Florical automation.  Familiarity with Telestream, Pathfire, Pitchblue and other edge server delivery systems a plus.  You must be comfortable dealing with breaking News, Sales and Programming requests.  Knowledge of studio operations is preferred.  Familiarity with video switching, audio, graphics, Robotic camera operation and shot composition favored.

Note:  All of the essential functions of this position are not necessarily described in this posting.


Prefer applicants with at least 4-5 years experience in master control operation and on air operations.  Also, strong computer skills, ability to work under pressure, and good verbal and written communication skills.

Contact Information:

Name or Department: Eric Steinhaus, Engineering Operations Manager

Address: 550 West Lafayette Blvd. Detroit, Michigan 48226