It’s well known among meteorologists that when a strong winter storm crosses the country, areas between roughly 25 and 125 miles to the left of the storm’s path get the significant snow. Not only were we MUCH farther away than that from yesterday’s storm system, but our storm was in the process of transferring its energy to a developing storm on the east coast that is now slamming New England. While I certainly expected a reasonable snow storm for us just based upon what I was seeing on radar yesterday, I’m still stunned that we got as much as we did given the physics involved. I spoke to a meteorologist colleague of mine earlier this morning, and he felt the same way. It was a very strange meteorological situation, for sure, but our lake levels will benefit from this (and other) winter storms. 

If you decide to take advantage of the situation and make a cool snowman (or in the case of my household, a snow bowler), send us a photo to

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