Our Sunday will start cloudy with temperatures well down in the 20s, so any water or slush from yesterday has frozen into ice. That means Metro Detroiters should be extra careful when going out today. 

With a little luck, we should see a bit of sunshine develop during the afternoon, with highs in the mid to upper 20s.

It will be partly cloudy Sunday night, with lows near zero. 

Monday should be mostly sunny, but cold, with highs near 20. Fortunately, the wind should be light, so wind chill shouldn’t be a major issue Monday.

Check:Snow emergencies

Skies will quickly become cloudy on Tuesday as our next winter storm approaches. Right now, the majority of my computer models show the storm staying just far enough south to keep the heaviest snow band (possibly 6 to 8 inches) just south of Michigan. 

However, we’ll still get some accumulating snow late Tuesday and throughout Wednesday. Stay tuned to keep an eye on this storm’s track, because changes are still very much possible. Even a slight northward deviation could bring that significant snow into southeast Michigan.