Upcoming K-Pop concert in Chicago: Up10tion

K-pop boy-group UP10TION will be making stops in the U.S. through June 25th

S. Korean boy group UP10TION is made up of ten members, as you may have guessed from the name. Don’t know who they are? Well you should! Scroll down to find their songs and learn more about them.

Even if you aren’t a fan (aka “Honey10”), if you are interested in K-pop then I can vouch for the fact that this will definitely be a concert worth going to. Watch just one of their dance practices below and you’ll see what I mean.

The tour starts today, June 15th, with their first stop in Seattle, Washington. Next up is  Chicago on Sunday, June 17th, which I will be attending and writing about post-concert, so keep an eye out for that. UP10TION will also stop in Texas, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and New Jersey.

Not only are there amazing perks for holders of certain ticket tiers, such as a fan-sign, a free album, a group photo, or high touch event (see Studio PAV and individual concert pages on Facebook for more info), but there’s also an incredible and unique opportunity called Pick-A-Pose Snapshots.

Pick-A-Pose allows you to buy polaroids taken of yourself with individual members of the group for just $10 a piece. You can create a lasting memory with your fave -- maybe hold their hand or give them a hug -- and have a photo to remember it by. A limited quantity of snapshots are available for purchase online before the concert, but there should also be more available at the concert venue if you bring cash. Check out my Instagram post below to see an example of Pick-A-Pose from when I took snapshots with JJCC.

You can get tickets for UP10TION’s concert at kpoptickets.com

Check out UP10TION

Candyland - newest single, and I have to say, I love the concept of saying “welcome to my Candyland” while looking suave and saucy.
So, Dangerous - I chose a performance of this song because while the music video has over 5 million views, I think this better shows you the impact that the song had which earned it those views. The choreography is powerful and memorable, which was likely a main reason for the song’s success. Plus, it has what I think are among of the best parts sung by their main vocalists (particularly Hwanhee and Sunyoul).
Tonight - If I’m being honest, this is probably my favorite UP10TION song and I’ve seen every live music show performance at least once… I personally guarantee it will brighten your spirits when you’re feeling down with it’s summer aesthetic and beat -- not to mention the adorable choreography.
Attention - A dance practice this time to give you a taste of their precise and attention grabbing choreography -- a factor clearly consistent for all of their songs. I highly recommend literally all of their dance practices. Also, this song is just. So. Good.
Catch Me! - The rap parts in this song are definitely the best, including the choreography to go with it. An underrated BOP.
Runner - I may have used this excuse to watch these performances again (this particular one had my favorite outfits). At it again with the killer point dance moves and a bop, of course.
Going Crazy - The boys are looking classy, and the bop is smooth as heck.
White Night - Ok, listen, I can’t just give you the music videos to watch because the choreography isn’t something you can miss out on in any of their songs. Have emphasized that enough yet?


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