Check This Out: "Key Issues"

Covering topics like The Avengers vs Darkseid and whether movies were really bad

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When you have questions about pop culture it is wise to turn to YouTube. On that platform you will find many channels that answer your pop culture questions adequately, some channels that answer those questions exceptionally, and very rarely you wil come across that rare gem of a channel that answers pop culture questions you didn't know you had.

These are the kind of questions that seem obvious once asked. Thanos and Darkseid are so similar, for example, that it's shocking that there aren't more videos about what might happen if those villains fought each other's heroes.

On that front and on many like it, the YouTube channel "Key Issues" has you covered.

Warning: DC writes it's characters like two kids in an imaginary arms race of superpowers.

This channel has the dangerous combination of "TV Tropes" levels of bingey-ness with "TED Talk" style interesting hooks. "Key Issues" gives level-headed analysis of all manner of topics, though the content is generally focused on recent releases.

There's just something so satisfying about this channel when it totally validates an opinion you've been unable to articulate.

Answer: Willem Dafoe is the best part of any movie he's in. That's a scientific fact, ladies and gentlemen.

Most recently they've been doing an analysis of the powers of the three main characters in the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan movie, "Glass."

This channel is definitely worth your time, so if you have a few moments check them out!