4Frenzy Spirit Squad winners countdown

4th, 5th, 6th places revealed


Today we're continuing our look at the Top 10 winners of 4Frenzy's Best Spirit Squad. Let's learn a little about the 6th, 5th, and 4th place finishers!

6. Royal Oak

We spoke with Jess Eichles-Tolonen, the coach of Royal Oak Ravens squad.

"They're a great group of girls," she said, "and they're getting better every day."

She mentioned that a big part of the reason that their team was able to flourish so much in recent years was that the school works to support them. "The administration is amazing here, so we're able to compete with some of the biggest schools in the state [even though] we're a smaller school."

That has been proven, as they came in 6th place among over a hundred other schools in this year's 4Frenzy Best Spirit Squad.

5. New Baltimore Anchor Bay

Running along Michigan's thumb, in a town that looks out over lake St. Clair, lives the Anchor Bay Tars Spirit Squad.

Their coach, Shelly McGuire, said, “The Anchor Bay High School sideline cheer is dedicated to the sport, beginning each season with conditioning and team building activities in the summer."

But as we've seen lots of these squads are dedicated, and plenty start in the summer as well. So what brought Anchor Bay so far ahead in the competition?

Shelly believes a lot of their popularity comes from being active in the community, such as when they participate in the "Fish Fly Parade" in New Baltimore. They've been strong supporters of their community, and it's no surprise that their community has showed up in huge numbers to support them.

4. Marine City


Marine City High School cheer team is not only known for their high scores in competitive cheer; they are known for their high volume on the side lines at their games! Marine City Cheer team helps to bring parents, teachers, students and athletes together to show a huge amount of school spirit.

They cheered loud and hard enough to make it to the No. 4 four spot of 4Frenzy's Best Spirit Squad.