4Frenzy Spirit Squad Top 3 Winners

1st, 2nd, 3rd places revealed


Today we're looking at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  place winners for Best Spirit Squad in Local 4's 4Frenzy. Let's learn a little bit about them!

3. Carleton Airport

Coming in third of over a hundred other schools is Carleton Airport Spirit Squad. They are known for keeping the energy high consistently throughout the games they attend. They are a tight knit squad that has been a consistent front runner throughout 4Frenzy's Vote 4 The Best Spirit Squad competition, so it's no surprise that they finished so high on the list.

2. Allen Park

Finishing just ahead of Carleton Airport in second place is the Allen Park Spirit Squad. Allen Park shows their school spirit with strong movements, dance and tumbling that get the crowd off their feet. This acrobatic group shows what dedication and training can do; they are among the absolute best squads in metro Detroit.

The winning spot, however, can only go to one squad. While everyone on this list deserves their own cheers for making it, the squad who captured the number one spot did so by keeping their whole community involved and motivated from the nomination phase, through the voting phase, and finally through the end of the Top Ten phase.

1. Wyandotte Roosevelt

After a great showing throughout the competition; in first place is Wyandotte Roosevelt Spirit Squad. They promote hard work, dedication, and most of all school spirit. By keeping the community going hard through every phase of this competition, they've earned a big win. See Kim Degiulio interview them about their win here.

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