4Frenzy Fan Choice: Winter Sports Edition

Nominate your favorite athlete until Jan. 28


Fall sports have come to an end and now it’s time to celebrate the winter sports season.

It’s time for skiing, wrestling, competitive cheering to shine.  Just like the fall season of 4Frenzy’s Fan Choice Awards, you can vote for your favorite student athletes in our winter sport categories.

Do you know a great hockey goalie?  Maybe you know someone who’s a budding Michael Phelps.  It’s time to show your support.  Whether they're from Oakland, Wayne or Macomb counties, we want to see amazing student athletes from all over Metro Detroit. 

The rules are the same as before:  You can nominate your favorite winter athlete now until Sunday, Jan. 28 at 11pm.  Remember, you only have to nominate once during this round.

Voting will be open Jan. 29 to Feb. 11.

Good luck to everyone involved in metro Detroit High School athletics!