4Frenzy: Dearborn high school wrestler William Marano breaks a record

Dearborn Edsel Ford vs Fordson


A record was set to be broken by a Dearborn high school wrestler who has shown such promise that we knew this match had to be attended. Sure enough, in the first match of the night, William Marano broke the record for the most consecutive wins in a season at his school, reaching an impressive 39 wins in a row. The record was previously held by his coach, Johnny Borg, at 38 wins.

The match was Edsel Ford vs. Fordson, a home game for Edsel Ford. It was also "Senior Night," so Johnny Borg took some time to introduce each senior on the team (during which a toddler dressed in wrestling getup runs across the mat and gives everyone a laugh) and the crowd gave them each a round of applause for their hard work on the team and as students.

The matches were loud, filled with the booming voices of the coaches and parents, excited cheering, encouragements, and advice for the wrestlers. ‘Nico’ in particular, a senior from Edsel Ford, had the crowd roaring during his two nail-biter matches. Some matches, like Nico’s, were long and had you sitting on the edge of your seat, while others seemed to be over shockingly quick. William Marano’s match was one of these, in which you wondered how he had bested his tough opponent so quickly.

William Marano, who goes by ‘Will’, is a senior at Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn, and has shown an impressive penchant for sports since his freshman year. Keith Scalzo, former coach of the school’s wrestling team, says that before Will, there had never been a freshman from any of the four Dearborn high schools to qualify for, let alone place at, the state competitions which Will did. In his freshman year, Will won an incredible 51 matches and placed 6th in the state at 125lbs. As a sophomore he racked up 50 wins and placed 7th at 140lbs. As a junior he had 52 wins at 160lbs, and recently won second place at the 2017 MHSAA Championships. Scalzo also said, with much confidence, that Will Marano—currently at 160lb bracket--will likely soon reach his 200th overall win.

Everyone you speak to about Will only has glowing words to say about him; he is a kind and humble student with a 3.75 grade point average, and says his family is an important influence and support for him (his mom and dad attend every match).

Despite his incredible wrestling talent, Will Marano says that he started wrestling in order to get better at football. He was also an all-state football player, and plans to go to Michigan Tech to play football when he graduates. He isn’t completely certain what his major will be, but he thinks it will be something along the lines of engineering. We’re sure that whatever Will does in his future, he will excel!

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