Final week for Metro Detroit to vote in the Fan Choice Awards

People are showing their love for High School athletics


The 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards have proven to be extremely competitive, and with only one week left it could be anyone's contest! Schools like Livonia High School, John Glenn High School, and Dearborn Fordson are voting like crazy for their students and staff across sports like hockey, basketball, competitive cheer, and more. We've seen a lot of love shown to High School athletics.

By the design of the contest, it could still go to anyone. The public can vote once per hour per category. This means that one determined voter could theoretically out-vote a group of voters who don't vote very often. In fact, this is such a factor that we're still taking nomination submissions via email to 4Frenzy@WDIV.com. Just tell us who you're nominating, what sport they play, what category you'd like them nominated for, and why. Pictures aren't necessary, but they sure don't hurt!

One such entrant is Easton Borso, both a hockey player and hockey enthusiast. He plays right wing for Riverview Community High School, and was nominated today via email. What makes Easton exceptional is that he also nominated several student athletes from his school, as well Will Macguire, a sophomore at St. Mary Catholic High School.

"I chose Will Maguire because he is only a sophomore at St. Mary's," said Easton, "and he is dominating that team with around 40 points so far."

While it doesn't hurt, you don't have to be a high scoring player to be nominated. Will Maguire has been selected because of his ability to score, but Easton Borso himself has earned a place in the Fan Choice Awards for his exceptional support of others.

If you want to vote for anyone involved in high school athletics that you think are exceptional, you can do so below! Voting ends on February 28.