4Frenzy Spotlight: Luke Pfromm of De La Salle is taking home a Fan Choice Award

The multi-talented athlete keeps collecting accolades

Luke Pfromm at a glance
  • How Luke heard about 4Frenzy: I heard about the 4Frenzy when I was up for an award during football season.
  • How Luke got votes: The Athletic Director at my school tweeted out the link letting people know to vote for me.
  • How much he practices: In both basketball and football we practice every day and in both sports I get in extra work, whether it's going to the field to throw or going to the rec center and getting some shots up or just going to the gym and conditioning or working out.
  • How long he has played sports: I have 3 older brothers who played baseball, basketball, and football (along with my sister who played basketball) throughout my childhood so I have played both since I could walk but I started playing organized sports (all 3) when I was 8 years old.
  • What Luke's team means to him: My team means a lot to me. Being senior heavy with 9 seniors it will be a very emotional playoff run as we are trying to leave our mark.
  • Luke's advice for young athletes: My advice to younger athletes would be don't try to specialize in one sport if you love two sports or even three. It is a lot to handle but you will miss it when it's gone. Also, if you're trying to get recruited, focus on helping your team win games because scouts want players that win and that's the best way to get their attention.
  • Favorite music artist: Post Malone
  • Favorite website: ESPN. com to keep updated on the pros
  • Something about you that may surprise people to know about Luke: I know Sign Language as a result of both of my grandparents on my mothers side being deaf.
  • What is your favorite book: Hunger Games
  • What is your favorite movie: Catch Me If You Can or Never Back Down.
  • Where he sees himself in 5 years: I see myself graduating from Wayne State and going to PA school to eventually be a successful Physician’s Assistant
  • What he's looking forward to about college: I'm looking forward to getting in the weight room and transforming my body. I look forward to the college experience and taking the next step in my life.
The busiest senior in the game

In November, Luke Pfromm became a Divsion 2 state champion for De La Salle football. He had taken a break from basketball to rejoin his football team, and worked hard to get them to the championship. Still, he's admitted that even while he was back in the football schedule, he was practicing jump shots. The kid is just an athlete, through and through. More interesting still it seems that even with him dedicating so much of his free time to athletic pursuits, he's found the time to gather a dedicated community of supporters.

The Fan Choice Awards are, essentially, a chance to find out who the community feels is most deserving. That can be because they are particularly talented, because they've overcome hardship, or even because they're likable. Regardless, people have to know who you are and they have to care enough to remember to vote. For High School athletes that's not as easy as it is for college or professional athletes.


And yet Luke got so many votes that I haven't had to check the spelling of that last name once, because I've seen it so often in the last months.

Luke has shown- whether through football, basketball, or participation in the Fan Choice Awards- that he is a competitor. He's off to college next, with scholarships waiting. We are excited to see what he decides to excel at next, and are proud to name him one of Metro Detroit's fan favorites!