Hey, batter batter! Edsel Ford v Divine Child

Boys baseball and girls softball games


Edsel Ford just held two home games at once -- boys baseball and girls softball -- with Divine Child as their opponent.


I had the opportunity to go visit these games and get a look at all these hard-working players. Lots of friends and family came out to support, braving the cold to cheer on their players.

In fact, at first I had only come to visit knowing about the boys baseball game but I discovered the girls softball game happening in the adjacent field when I heard roaring cheers that sounded like it was coming from a crowd twice it's size (and that's saying something because it was a pretty good showing). 

Supporting Edsel Ford
Supporting Edsel Ford

Most of that incredibly loud cheering was from the girls softball teammates watching the game and supporting their friends.

I got to chat with these awesome girls from both Divine Child and Edsel Ford, and I am certain that their impressive enthusiasm will make them tough competition in the 4Frenzy Fan Choice awards!

Supporting Divine Child
Supporting Divine Child

I was able to meet a lot of the people who came out to support both schools, and I wish all of them luck in voting for their players in 4Frenzy's spring sports edition! 

If you've got as much spirit as they do, make sure you nominate someone! You can scroll down to the bottom of this article and nominate athletes in various spring sports categories.

Though there were a few too many "Heads up!" warnings for incoming baseballs for my comfort, I'm very glad I got to go out and see some of the fantastic people who will be participating in 4Frenzy.

Coach George Kontos says watch out for these two players on Edsel Ford's boys baseball team:

Trevor Blatterline : Senior, 4 year Varsity letter winner, 3 Year Varsity Starter, Pitches and plays 1st base.  He is being recruited to play at the collegiate level and accepted an offer from School Craft College for the 2019 season.

A.J. White : Senior, 3 year letter winner, 3 year starter, 2 All League awards, Offensive MVP 2 years in a row and has lead the team in extra base hits and slugging percentage the last two years.  A.J. Catches, and pitches in relief.

Remember, 4Frenzy nominations are open now, so get your players in before they close. Voting begins on April 9th! Once it starts you can even vote once an hour. Participants will also get the chance to have a feature 4Frenzy Spotlight article written about them and published to our website!

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