4Frenzy Spotlight: Eion Meldrum and Tiffany Furicchia

Grosse Pointe South High School has star power in its theater department


Quick facts about the actors

Tiffany Furicchia:

  • First play: "Milly"
  • Favorite play: "Hairspray"
  • Favorite role: Brenda in "Hairspray"
  • Bonus fact: Tiffany was a competitive dancer until her sophomore year


Eion Meldrum:

  • Knew he wanted to be on stage as early as the 6th grade
  • Has worked with Director Chris Pratt for all four years of high school
  • Favorite role: Corny Collins in "Hairspray"
  • Bonus fact: Calls his recent turn as "Joseph" his most challenging role
Headed for Hollywood?

We talked with two of the leads from Grosse Pointe South High School's recent production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". They were as charismatic and easy going in front of reporters as you'd expect from two people who have spent a significant portion of their lives performing in front of crowds.

Eion Meldrum, a senior at Grosse Pointe South, has known that he wanted to be a performer since the beginning of middle school. He loves the stage in particular because "every performance is different."

Despite loving the thrill of the stage, Eion doesn't believe that young actors need to worry about constantly wowing the audience.

He appreciates anyone with the courage to get on stage, adding, "It's not how amazing you are, it's how believable you are."

Tiffany, also a senior at Grosse Pointe South, comes from a slightly different performing background, having been a dancer until her sophomore year of high school. She hasn't forgotten her roots, and after auditioning for 15 schools she's decided to go to Montclair State University for their musical theater program, with a concentration in dance. Quite a change from her previous aspirations to be a doctor.

Having been an entertainer in one way or another for her whole high school career, Tiffany is very familiar with Grosse Pointe South's theater director, Chris Pratt.

"He makes me laugh," said Tiffany, reminiscing on their years working together, before adding that it was Mr. Pratt that wrote her a great letter of recommendation for college.

Both students agreed on the most valuable advice they receive from their director, "Give it your all in rehearsal!"

Not a bad lesson, folks.