4Frenzy Spotlight: Fiona Hughes - Plymouth-Canton radio

High school junior helps manage PCEP's FM radio station like a pro


Fiona Hughes is a junior at Canton High School and is being recognized in this 4Frenzy Spotlight for her work as the Program Director of 88.1 The Park - WSDP radio. She has won in the 4Frenzy category "school clubs" for both best junior and best club representative!

She has not only been awarded for her efforts, but has been highly praised and recommended to us for a 4Frenzy Spotlight by the station manager and assistant station manager of 88.1 The Park. So, here's a bit about this student who is bound for success.

Some Favorites:

  • Band: Arkells 
  • TV Show: She doesn't watch much TV but she likes Animal Planet and Say Yes to the Dress.
  • Favorite teacher: Mrs. Rokakis, her French teacher for the past three years.
  • Unique Talent: She's an artist. She picked up drawing again this semester because of an art class.
  • Role model: Her mom. Fiona wouldn't have gone out of her comfort zone to join radio without her endless support. She listens to her live show every Tuesday, always attends her award ceremonies, and is making all the centerpieces for the 88.1 staff banquet. She listens to Fiona talk about the station for hours and during car rides she cranks the volume if Fiona's on-air.
  • Personal Awards: Michigan Association of Broadcasters Awards -- 1st place Sports Public Service Announcement; 1st place On-Air Personality; Honorable Mention for Innovations in Digital Media.
  • Station Awards: 2018 High School Station of the Year; Nominated for the National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award for Noncommercial Station of the Year for 4 consecutive years. 

Fiona is at the station every day because she knows that there's always work to be done, or someone in need of her help. There used to be a joke around the station that Fiona didn't go home at the end of the day, she just slept on the station's floor.


She started to love broadcasting during her freshman year after she interviewed her current favorite band, Arkells, for her first "Backstage Pass" show for The Park. Vocalist for the group, Max Kerman, told her he couldn't tell that it was her first time interviewing someone, even though she herself had not been confident in her interviewing skills. His words gave her reassurance and boosted her confidence. She initially thought that she would be behind the scenes but her journey brought her on-air, and now she is winning  state awards for her talents.

Fiona's best advice to other high school students is to get involved as soon as you can and try new things. "Even if you think you hate sports, try reading sports news for a day. If you're scared of the technical side, try to make a public service announcement and use new sound effects. It's important to tackle the things you're unsure about before your time is up! You might even like it."


Working at 88.1 makes the huge P-CEP campus with over 6,000 students feel smaller and like a community. Fiona loves that the station feels like a home and family, and she even said that she wouldn't trade it for the world.

"My station manager Bill Keith is my rock, and my assistant station manager John Kreger has gotten me through some tough news days, and he's always willing to listen to what I have to say. We are all close to each other."

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