4Frenzy Spotlight: Graham Dallas

High school hockey player also a theater star

Graham Dallas isn't only an ace on the ice when it comes to hockey, but he's also a star in his high school theater club.

Dallas is one of the many unique participants in our 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards because of his dedication to multiple extra-curricular activities. Our new theater, choir and club categories have allowed students like Dallas to be recognized for their multiple talents.

Dallas started playing hockey when he was about five or six years old and became a goalie about eight years ago. As a senior at Dearborn High School, he much more recently found his passion for theater after his first musical at the end of his sophomore year -- he has loved it ever since. 

  • Unique skills: He draws and plays golf.
  • Fun Fact: He met his girlfriend in theater club.
  • Favorite part about theater: The people! "It’s something special being able to work together and perform a show which is the product of all our hard work."
  • Family: They always support him, including his pursuit of theater and hockey. "They have always been there for me and I’m so thankful for them."

Most of Dallas' school year consists of hockey after school, followed by rehearsal at night. Despite the tight schedule, he has found a good balance in doing all of the activities he loves.

"I am surrounded by so many talented people, that it encourages me to work even harder and put that much more of myself into everything I do."

His advice to other students involved in extra-curricular activities is, "Just enjoy it. Do what you’re passionate about and don’t let anything keep you down and prevent you from living your best life. Hold onto those who support you, and enjoy the experiences of high school to their fullest potential."

Dallas as Papa Ge in Once on This Island

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