4Frenzy Spotlight: Memphis HS choir conductor Josh Eash

Passionate choir teacher wins in 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards

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Josh's Favorites:

  • Musician: Billy Joel 
  • TV Show: River Monsters
  • Actor: Jack Black
  • Food: Tacos
  • Movie: Iron Man
  • Book: The Shack
  • Animal: Dogs 
  • Fun Fact: He loves riding motorcycles and Harley Davidson's is his choice bike. 
The Memphis Singers' Accomplishments

Josh Eash was chosen as the best conductor/teacher in the choir category of the 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards. He is well-loved by his students and peers who showed their support with hundreds of votes.

Josh has been a conductor at Memphis Jr/Sr High School for 13 years, and in that time he has helped The Memphis Singers grow from just a class into a real performing ensemble.

"It has been hard work building a choral culture but it is finally paying off."

The group has yearly traditions for which they perform, such as the "Be Safe on Halloween" show for the elementary school, "The Star Spangled Banner" at school functions, and the Christmas Concert. They also perform at a number of events such as the MSVMA district and state festivals, fundraisers, and graduation.

"My favorite accomplishments have been taking the Marching band and choir to perform at Disney, seeing all of my groups this year receive top ratings at the state level, and being awarded a 'Child Advocate' [award from a] local center for child abuse and neglect."

Under Josh's leadership at Memphis Jr/Sr High School they have qualified for state festivals in the last two years. They even had three soloists advance to State MSVMA this year, with all three receiving top ratings. They are proving to be a small school with big heart!


How Josh got started

Josh credits his love for music to his parents. Growing up, his father was his role model.

"He loves his family deeply and would do anything to help the underdog," Josh said of his father, "His faith in God  - coupled with his soft heart for people has always made him someone I will forever look up to and aspire to be like."

Josh fell in love with choir after deciding to join during his senior year of high school, and it was his music teachers who motivated him to pursue teaching. He loves connecting with youth and sharing a mutual love for music.

"When they really catch the bug for making music, conducting feels like you are somehow creating something tangible from nothing. It is so real you can almost see it. That is a very moving and powerful encounter."

His best advice for students is to "Love each other well, be slow to offense, and guard yourself against entitlement. Always choose thankfulness and forgiveness."

Congratulations to Josh Eash and all the other 4Frenzy spring winners! You can see the results BELOW!