A chance to honor your favorite high school athlete

Fan Choice Awards recognize Metro Detroit's favorite in high school athletics


The opening guitar chords of Guns'N'Roses echoed off the bleachers, the food stand, the ground. Plymouth High School's spirit squad held a paper banner taught, but not too taught. Axel Rose's scream came in, beginning low and far away and growing in intensity.

At it's crescendo, the Plymouth Wildcats arrived.

Points for style, ladies and gentlemen.

This year our high school sports coverage is looking to be more exciting, more in depth, and apparently more graced by 80's rock than ever. We're enjoying the opportunity to see the most exciting moments from sports like football, soccer, field hockey and everything else the Metro Detroit area has to offer.

And just like the rest of 4Frenzy, the Fan Choice Awards are going to be amazing. We've opened up nominations, so Metro Detroit can now tell us who their favorite high school athlete is. Nominate below so you can vote for your pick when voting starts on October 2nd.