4Frenzy Spotlight: Jacob Dobbs destined for D1

Fan choice winner last year, nominated again this year


Jacob Dobbs has a lot to be proud of since coming to De La Salle last year. On arrival, he began to show off his impressive skills as a linebacker. Not only did he earn a starting position for this football team, but he also led them to a state championship and won a 4Frenzy Fan Choice award.  

Dobbs is currently committed to continue his football career at Holy Cross, a division one college located in Massachusetts. His training schedule strongly supports his commitment to the sport. He currently practices six days a week and then hits the weight room three timesa week with his De La Salle teammates. But his training doesn't end when the season ends. Dobbs continues his offseason workouts by improving his speed and agility while also continuing to make strides in the weight room.

A player like Dobbs has to have a desire within him to ignite his passion to play as hard as he does. Jacob says his drive and passion was the loss of his grandfather. Before the season started, Dobbs received the news that his grandfather had passed away. In that moment, he decided to dedicate the season to him. Jacob writes the day his grandfather passed on his wrist before every game to remind him that he is not alone out there on the football field.

Since Dobbs is in his senior year at De La Salle, he wanted to give some advice to incoming freshmen who are looking to succeed in sports. He emphasized how important it is to take advantage of every opportunity thrown your way and to also make sure you always train every day like it is your last. Dobbs takes this mindset and applies it to not only his football success, but also his success in the community.

Last year, Dobbs won one of our 4Frenzy Fan Choice awards. This year, he looks to keep his streak alive by being nominated for favorite linebacker and favorite senior. Jacob believes he has been so consistently popular with 4Frenzy because he represents himself in a certain way on and off the football field.

Jacob is truly honored to be nominated once again for our Fan Choice awards. If he does win, he said he will thank his mom, dad and aunt because they are the ones who have always pushed him to be the best that he can be.