Metro Detroit's Top 10 Spirit Squads: Marysville High School

This fun loving squad from St. Clair county has a hug fan base


Marysville High School's spirit squad stays motivated by having fun. They have theme days at practices, they play around to keep the energy high and even play games like their recent lip sync battle. The team enjoys having team dinners before games and competitions and team sleepovers during and outside the season.

That is the kind of atmosphere that breeds an excellent team dynamic, and it shows in Marysville's record.

Last year, despite losing more than half of their team between sideline season and competitive season, Marysville still managed to persevere and make it to regionals. They were in the top four in their district for 2018, and they were also a regional qualifier 2018.

Now they have a new accomplishment; they've placed in the Top 10 in 4Frenzy's Best Spirit Squad competition.

According to coach Stephanie Corbat, "Our team has really come together this year and is more like a family than any other team that I have coached before.

"Every member of this team has stood out to me at some point this year. [They are] always impressing me with what they can do."

When asked about what she takes the most pride in, coach Corbat said, "Their dedication, determination, and the fact that they care about each other like they are family. I am impressed with how willing they are to help each other out when they need it or how they love trying new things. They are an awesome group of athletes!"