Metro Detroit's Top 10 Spirit Squads: Divine Child

This spirit squad is both a team and a family


If the Divine Child Spirit Squad asks you what your favorite color is, your answer better be "red and black!" This is the question that gets their crowds riled up for a big game, and one of the spirit squad's favorite routines to do.



But this team doesn't just cheer for their football team, they cheer for each other. The Divine Child Spirit Squad considers themselves a family, as they support each other with team and individual goals, and help each other out when faced with hardship.



The bond is so strong that even Divine Child alumni come back! Coach Shelley Pompiel couldn't wait to come back to become the coach of the spirit squad, as she thinks highly of the cheer program. With the traditions of the squad being passed down, other alumni have also had a great time coming back to the school to watch games.


Having the support of the Divine Child community and their fellow team members, the spirit squad has a lot of motivation to work hard. For nine years, they have made it to the Michigan State Finals. These students aren't slackers. 

To the fans of the Divine Child Spirit Squad, what's your favorite color?


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