4Frenzy Spotlight: Rhianna Hensler takes home two 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards

Notre Dame Preparatory swimmer is a community favorite

Head coach Mark McGreevy, in his first season at Notre Dame Preparatory school, feels "very fortunate in my first year as head coach. There is a culture on this team that has a long history of success and it has carried through today's team and girls like Rhianna and her upperclassmen teammates will bring into the future." 

Rhianna Hensler won two awards in our swimming category, "Favorite Junior" and "Favorite Butterfly Swimmer." "I think Rhianna would be the first to say she did not expect this award," McGreevy said. "Part of the greatness of Rhianna is her unassuming nature. She always thinks someone can beat her, so she just trains harder!"


McGreevy credits Rhianna as one of his many keys to success. "She bought into the system right away and if I have someone like Rhianna buy in, how can the others disagree? Rhianna is one of the hardest working swimmers I have seen. Rhianna understands the difference between working out and working out smart," he says.

With Rhianna winning two 4Frenzy Fan Choice awards, McGreevy agrees that it is what she deserves. A humble young athlete deserves all the recognition given to her because after all, she is a role model to many of her younger teammates.