What you can do to get a Local 4 producer to shave his head live on TV

You can have fun at Jake's expense and support your local high schools


At one point around the 4Frenzy offices some pretty bold words were said. Bets were made. Hands were shaken.

Local 4 producer Jake D was confident that there was no way there would be 150 more nominees in our Spring Fan Choice awards. So confident, in fact, that he told his coworker, Corrie, that he would shave his head if there were so many entrants by Friday, March 29.

The FCAs are where metro Detroit nominates and then votes for its favorite high school athletes, theater students, musicians and kids in school clubs etc. 

Anyway ... things escalated. And now, if there are that many nominees, Jake will not only shave his head, but he will do it live on Local 4 News this Friday at 4 p.m.

The goal is very nearly met, but we are close to the deadline and so far Jake's mane will go untouched. He is getting smug, mocking Corrie, constantly checking out his own hair and generally being insufferable.

This cannot stand! Metro Detroit supports its high school extra cirrucular activities and so that hair has to go. PLEASE NOMINATE BELOW and tune in to Local 4 First at 4 to see if we got enough to shear those locks!

Go 4 Frenzy!!!


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