Local 4 producer loses bet - shaves head

See the chaos - Corrie and Karen learn as they go in this gallery

It takes competitive people to cover high shool sports, so Local 4 producers Jake and Corrie are always competing in some way. Things went a bit awry for Jake this time, since he bet bet Corrie that metro Detroiters would not be able to nominate 150 people for the Spring Fan Choice Awards by today.

Well, she was right and he was wrong.

Karen Drew was happy to get in on the fun, and she teamed up with Corrie to shave poor Jake's head live on Local 4 First at 4! Of course, the fact that neither of them had shaved a head before never factored in to this descision.

You can see the craziness unfold below in a gallery we've put together. Corrie's still laughing, Jake is off mourning his hair and we'd like to remind you that you can still nominate people until Monday!

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