SPOTLIGHT: The fierceness of Plymouth Wildcats gymnasts

4Frenzy visits gymnastics meet to find passionate students

Plymouth Wildcats gymnastics
Plymouth Wildcats gymnastics (n/a)

I went out to see some student athletes at the Hartland High School gymnasium, and what I found was a passionate group of gymnasts. They laugh and have fun together like a happy family, but when they need to they can really get down to business.

The Plymouth Wildcats gymnastics team told me that they always give support and encouragement to one another. Their affection towards each other really showed, despite gymnastics being a sport needing tons of dedicated work and perfected skills.

Wildcat Fierce

Some Wildcats started gymnastics when they were just 2 to 6 years old, while others just recently started. I couldn’t believe the talent, it sure looked to me like they were going to be pros!

The team’s spirit shows in everything they do. Among the interesting and challenging career paths team members told me they dreamed of, there were things like psychology, genetic counseling, and other medical fields.

With all the dedication they proved they have, imagine where they’ll be in the future!

Tips from the team

“Be patient and don’t get frustrated; the work is worth it.”

Monica Frania (senior)

“It’s an activity to get away form stress like homework.”

Allison Duggan (freshman)

Whether you feel a sport like gymnastics is a hobby that relaxes you like Allison, or it’s something to dedicate all your energy to, the team seems to think it’s worth the effort.


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