SPOTLIGHT: From cheerleader to coach of winning cheer team

Brighton Competitive Cheer coach wins in the 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards

4Frenzy Winter 2020 - Christina Wilson, Competitive Cheer Coach
4Frenzy Winter 2020 - Christina Wilson, Competitive Cheer Coach
  • Favorite Artists: Van Morrison, Bob Seger, and Fleetwood Mac
  • Fun Fact: Teaches 6th grade in Brighton and is an ELA and Science teacher at Maltby Intermediate School
  • Claims to Fame: In the Carlson H.S. Hall of Fame and executive board member for the Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan

Christina Wilson is the winner for Competitive Cheer Coach in the 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards for winter 2020! She currently coaches at Brighton H.S. where the football team made the 2019 MHSAA state finals for the first time in school history. For Christina, this means she coached her cheer team at TWO different State Finals in one year: Competitive Cheer finals in March, and Football state finals in November.

4Frenzy Winter 2020 - Christina Wilson (left)
4Frenzy Winter 2020 - Christina Wilson (left)

Tough Love

Brighton cheerleaders love and respect their coach, because although they expected terrifying pressure from a coach that had led a team to state finals, they discovered that her motivation makes even the toughest reps easier. "What I’ve come to learn about Coach Christy is that her heart is so huge for her team. When she walks into the practice room everyday, it’s obvious that it’s what she looks forward to,” said team member Hailee Buckley.

“Cheering for Coach Christy is very challenging, but even more rewarding. She pushes you to be the best version of yourself that you never thought was possible.” Ann Hajec went on to say that Christina’s coaching helped her to achieve a cheer career that many could only dream of, as well as to create habits that help her succeed in school and prepare for her future.

Brighton High School Competitive Cheer - Christina Wilson (top left)
Brighton High School Competitive Cheer - Christina Wilson (top left)

“She’s a great mentor to not only her own athletes, but to other teams throughout Michigan. She organizes buddy practices with other teams -- some who are direct competitors -- to encourage bonding between the athletes. She not only develops the athlete physically, but also mentally and emotionally.” Thanks to Debbie Ditto, a parent of one of Christina’s cheerleaders, for making sure 4Frenzy highlights this wonderful member of our local community.

Tips from the Team!

“Make every second count. Work hard, give everything that you have because each team you’re a part of will bring you new friends, memories, and teach you new lessons about life and even yourself.”

Hailee Buckley

“Be ready to work hard and even more! She knows what you are capable of and will hold you to that standard and once you get there, she will make it even higher. Trust her process. She has all the accomplishments behind her that shows she knows what she’s doing.”

Ann Hajec

Coach Christina

Christina Wilson graduated from Gibraltar Carlson High School and was a state qualifying cheerleader in 1999. She began coaching at her alma mater right after graduating high school in 2001 and hasn’t stopped since. In fact, when this year is over she’ll have 19 years of coaching experience.

She decided to coach because her father and grandfather are her biggest role models. Coaching and athletics was a part of the family. Her grandfather was a high school hockey coach for a team that her father played on; the Ecorse High School 1978 Boys Hockey State Runner-up team.

4Frenzy Winter 2020 - Brighton Competitive Cheer, Coach Christina Wilson
4Frenzy Winter 2020 - Brighton Competitive Cheer, Coach Christina Wilson

Big Wins Under The Belt

Christina began her coaching career in division 2 competitive cheer with Carlson H.S., where she played a large part in beginning what they now call the “Carlson Dynasty.” Their winning streak began with a State Championship win in ’08, the all the way through her last year there in ’12 (except in ’10 when the team won a State Runner-Up title).

During Christina’s time with Carlson, she coached her teams to League titles, District titles, Regional Titles, and State titles. Since she left her legacy there, Carlson has continued to win State Titles almost every year.

4Frenzy Winter 2020 - Christina Wilson (second from left)
4Frenzy Winter 2020 - Christina Wilson (second from left)

Christina’s Current Coaching Career

In 2013 Christina made the move to division 1 coaching Brighton High School. She coached the team to their first KLAA West championship in her first season, then in 2014 Brighton won their first District title. For the first time since 2008, Brighton qualified for the State Finals in 2017.

Brighton has won Districts titles ’16 - ’19. They narrowly missed making the state finals a season earlier by less than a full point! The team once again qualified for the state finals in 2019, and achieved their highest placement since 1999 with a 4th place finish. Christina has coached Brighton to conference and district titles in ’14 and ’16 - ’19, as well as state qualifiers in ’17 and ’19.


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