SPOTLIGHT: Anchor Bay swimmer recognized by 4Frenzy

Jeremy Zidzik shows impressive improvement

Jeremy Zidzik
Jeremy Zidzik
  • Favorite Subject: Honors Physics
  • Favorite Place in Chesterfield: Wuri Sushi
  • Favorite Artist: Quinn XCII, Jon Bellion, NF, Kid Quill
  • Role Model: Sisters - Olivia because of her work ethic, Lauren because of her dedication to swimming.
  • Fun Facts: Student Council sophomore president, can solve a Rubik’s cube behind his back, self-taught piano player, dual-citizen USA/Australia

Jeremy Zidzik joined the Anchor Bay boys swim and dive team as a freshman. He had never competed, dove, or swam a single lap in the pool. Over a year later, Jeremy has improved exponentially with the help of his incredible coaching staff and team that embraces effort and embodies a high level of sportsmanship.

Jeremy Zidzik and family
Jeremy Zidzik and family (n/a)

As a student athlete with Type 1 Diabetes, Jeremy has faced challenges but continues to push through managing his chronic condition during intense, long training. Jeremy is a goal setter, so throughout the season he sets them and will already have the next goal in mind.

“Sometimes we, as grandparents, worry about the state of the world but Jeremy our grandson does give us hope for the future.”

Nanna & Grandy (A.K.A. Jeremy's 'Australian fan club')

His team has created a bond like a family and a brotherhood. Jeremy feels honor-bound to the team which helps motivate him. Coach Kevin has inspired Jeremy to have more confidence while swimming and heartened his love for the water. Coach Riley Shea has pushed Jeremy through new methods of training, making him a better swimmer. He’s on his way to reaching his goals of going to the MISCAs and swimming in college!


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