SPOTLIGHT: Mercy H.S. skier slides into 4Frenzy win

Julia Crowley takes the lift to to the top of the Fan Choice Awards

Julia Crowley on the slopes.
Julia Crowley on the slopes. (n/a)

Favorite School Subject: AP Government

Favorite Lunch at School: Kickin’ Chicken

Fun Fact: Also on the softball team

Julia Crowley is one of the winners of 2020 4Frenzy’s Winter Fan Choice Awards! She won Favorite Senior in the Ski Team category. Julia started skiing when she was 2 years old and started to compete in the 6th grade. During her skiing career at Mercy High School, Julia placed second in the Catholic League, second in the League Divisional Race, fifth in the regional race, and second in the League overall that season. She also had qualified for the SEMSL Championship.

Julia Crowley
Julia Crowley (n/a)

Julia loves her team, which is actually is made up of the boys of Catholic Central and girls of Mercy High School who come from cities all around southeast Michigan. An interesting fact about this team is that they all get very similar times and finishes in races. Julia mentioned that they are all really close - they even get dinner together after every practice.

Each of them have individual talent and experiences when it comes to skiing and racing. Some of their top racers have been racing for many years, while for some, it’s their first year. The team has one head coach and three assistant coaches who Julia absolutely loves working throughout the season.

Julia plans on attending The University of Miami Ohio and intends to join the ski club there, but will not be playing softball after high school. In college she plans on studying biology with a focus on pre-medical.

Congratulations on your win, Julia! We look forward to seeing more of Mercy High School in 4Frenzy!


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