Nominations are now over in Local 4′s Spring 4Frenzy!

4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards Spring 2020
4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards Spring 2020

NOMINATE HERE now because 4Frenzy Spring nominations ends tonight at 11 p.m.!

You can vote beginning Wednesday, April 8th at 11 a.m., once an hour until voting closes on April 15th. *We will accept nominations via email after they close tonight, if you miss the deadline. Email us at: 4Frenzy@wdiv.com.

While there may not be active school sports, clubs, or performances for quite some time, 4Frenzy believes that students who have worked hard and been passionate about their activities up to now still deserve recognition. We hope we can brighten up this difficult experience, even just a bit, for high schoolers who are suddenly left without an end to their school year.

ASK US ABOUT SPOTLIGHT ARTICLES, because we’d love to shine the “Spotlight” on students who’re experiencing something unprecedented during this important time in their lives. Email 4Frenzy@wdiv.com.

Twitter: @4Frenzy

Facebook: facebook.com/4Frenzy

Instagram: @4Frenzy

We would like to thank our sponsor Ralph Jr. Wilson Foundation’s Project Play for their support!

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