Spotlight: Grace running straight to the top

Freshman girl is running cross country at varsity boys level

By Michelle McAlpine - Creative Services Intern

Grace Zdankiewicz (don't worry, she has a nickname), a freshman at Regina High School, couldn't wait to train for cross country. Although practices for Regina High haven't started yet, that didn't deter Zdankiewicz , who has been running since she was in 4th grade. She got a head start by asking coach Sandra Buchanan for permission to practice with the boys cross country team of De La Salle High School.

Sandra Buchanan

Running a 5k, her time being in the high 18's and low 19's, she was able to keep up with the varsity runners on De La Salle's varsity team. Stop for a moment and consider what an accomplishment that is. This is a freshman who not only had the drive to request to be allowed to run with another school for the extra training, but she also has the sheer athleticism to keep up with their absolute best.

"To the left, to the left" -Beyonce 

De La Salle's varsity is not determined by age, but rather by selecting the top seven running times. This freshman from Regina is able to keep pace at that level.

De La Salle High School and Regina High School are sister schools, and their girls and boys cross country teams have formed a strong bond with each other. The boys at De La Salle jokingly assign the girls masculine names, with Grace being known as "Fred."

We expect to see Zdankiewicz perform unbelievable feats throughout her high-school career. Keep your eyes on Grace Zdankiewicz , whose passion can outrun many at De La Salle and Regina High.

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