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Army sergeant gives sister surprise of a lifetime


YPSILANTI, Mich. – One Eastern Michigan University student got an unexpected surprise during her graduation ceremony.

There were thousands of proud graduates at EMU on Sunday, but Kathleen Simcox got a special thrill with a surprise appearance from her brother Army Sergeant Ben Simcox, who is currently stationed in Germany.

"It was hard for me when they started talking about my brother," said Simcox. "And when he came out on stage I started crying. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world."

Several years ago, Sergeant Simcox promised Kathleen that he would not miss her graduation. She never expected he could actually make it happen. He also managed to keep his arrival a secret from the whole family. According to his dad, "None of us had any idea. It's a day of joy to have our family together."

Kathleen Simcox graduated with a bachelor's degree in accounting and plans to pursue a master's degree.

Sergeant Simcox is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in May. He has already served two tours of duty in Iraq.