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Winds cause massive damage in Ann Arbor

Thousands without power across metro Detroit

Trees down in Washtenaw Co
Trees down in Washtenaw Co

WASHTENAW COUNTY, Mich. – Within about 10 seconds, loud bursts of wind and rain began sweeping through Ann Arbor.

"It was about the loudest thing I've heard and it started pouring," said Andy Slocum. "All the doors slammed closed. Storm windows fly off the house. (It was) crazy."

Trees pulled right from the earth, crashing onto houses. Katie Moray was home when the storm rolled through.

I was expecting to let up but it kept going," Moray said. "(There was a ) state of panic for a little but then I heard a crack. When (I went) upstairs the tree was through the roof and I could see the sky."

A Bradford pear was special to neighbor Nick Stenick.

"I planted that tree in 1975, watched it grow, well taken care of."

Now that tree and dozens of others in the Ann Arbor neighborhood are being chopped down and chopped up, while some are still dangling on rooftops.

"As of right now, we have four houses receiving heavy damage another six to 10 with medium damage," said Robert Vogel, with Ann Arbor Fire Dept. "We are extra staffed and prepared for it."