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Caretaker accused of embezzling thousands from elderly Ann Arbor woman

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Local police agencies are reporting a rise in scams involving senior citizens, and most of the scammers are those who were supposed to care for them.

One of those incidents involves an 89-year-old Ann Arbor woman who fell victim to her greedy caretaker.

According to police, Cheryl Elaine Smith of Lakeland is accused of stealing over $100,000 from the victim.

Smith was helping the victim with in-home care at the time of the embezzlement.

During this period, Smith allegedly opened bank accounts in the victim’s name, including credit cards that Smith would use for her own personal purchases.

The family of the victim took notice when the bank accounts showed significant and unexplained withdrawals.

This is not the first time Smith has been in trouble involving an elderly person and stolen funds.

In 2015, Smith's family petitioned the Livingston County Court for the removal of her name on her mother’s estate after allegations of her taking Florida trips and putting her own name on her mother’s property and pocketing $100,000 from her mother’s account.

Smith has been charged with embezzlement of a vulnerable adult between $50,000 and $100,000, and larceny of more than $20,000.

She is expected back in court next week.