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What to do in Ann Arbor Wednesday, Nov. 1: Nature Storytime, Bluetooth hacks, pies and comedy

Credit: Public Domain Pictures
Credit: Public Domain Pictures

ANN ARBOR – Here are some of the Ann Arbor events we're most excited for Wednesday night. Which ones do you plan on attending? What event should we cover in greater detail and why? Let us know in the comments below or email us at: allaboutannarbor@wdiv.com

Wednesday, Nov. 1

Nature Storytime - Super Senses: Sight! - You and your little one can explore and appreciate the outdoors, such as live animal visits, hikes, stories, and hands-on activities. This week: discover animals with super sight and explore our own sense of sight. (10 a.m., Leslie Science and Nature Center) 

Art Critique - An initial opportunity for you to receive and participate in giving constructive feedback on artworks. An opportunity to meet and network with fellow artists. (4:30 p.m., The STUDIO: "where art happens") 

Millennial Pink Group Think - As part of the Ann Arbor Art Center's current exhibition, Millennial Pink, there will be a special viewing of Gabrielle DeCaro's film, "Forget Your Kitten" (2016). The viewing will be followed by a group discussion in the 117 Gallery. (5 p.m., Ann Arbor Art Center)

Hacking Bluetooth Devices with Your Browser with Aydin - Have you ever wanted to access data from a Bluetooth device? For example: read the weight from your scale? Read from heart rate monitors? Get step information? Control light bulbs? This talk will show attendees how to hack and use the new Bluetooth capabilities of Chrome to do this. (6:15 p.m., Atomic Object) 

Perfect Pies & Tarts - The head baker at the People's Food Co-op leads a hands-on and lively workshop on making the perfect pie dough. (7 p.m., at the Ann Arbor District Library) 

Comedy Jamm - Witness the comedy of twelve of the current rising stars in the Detroit Metro area and beyond. (8 p.m., Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase) 

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